Production Monitoring System

Wandering, how manufacturing will change over the next few years? We are having a solution through which products will communicate with production machines, and IT systems will going to control and optimize all processes to ensure the lowest possible defect rate.

Our vision is to create Smart and Connected Factories across the manufacturing sector to efficiently utilize the capacity and increase productivity.  We not only offers machine monitoring through concepts of IoT, but also provides a full fledged Factory Management System to attend your daily chores at the factory shop-floor in a much simpler manner which helps the people to connect, communicate & collaborate. Through this system, you can also aim to go PAPERLESS at your shop-floor apart from deriving seamless flow of notifications & alerts to people making them aware of what, when, how the task needs to be done.

In a nutshell, the flow of information divides this into 4 parts –
  • PLAN – In this part, you can push most of your documents as a soft copy using our file management part of the system. It will also allow you to make Process Flow Diagram, FMEA, Control Plan, Work Instruction, Check-sheets etc. digitally. This makes the process of managing, modifying & updating these documents much easier.
  • EXECUTE – In this part, the planned activities are carried out on the shop-floor making the processes/operations from Control Plan being executed electronically. This digitizes the data capturing mechanism on the shop-floor right from in-warding of material till dispatch. All tasks like Incoming Inspection, Tool Setup, First-Off Inspection, In-Process Inspection, Last-Off Inspection, Final Inspection are carried out on the shop-floor digitally thus making it paperless.
  • MONITOR – In this part, all the activities that are pushed on the shop-floor can be monitored through simple dashboards which provide LIVE information to various users based on their access level. These are some very useful information like production, rejection, productivity, OEE, downtime etc on real-time basis.
  • ANALYZE – As it is said, “what you can measure, you can improve” and it is exactly what we strive to do in this section through our various reports like Availability, Productivity, Quality, OEE, Operator Performance, Production, Machine Activity & Utilization, OEE trend. All these reports are made in an interactive manner to help the user & drill down to the root causes easily through simple graphs.


All the PPAP documents are created, maintained and managed here and the Control Plan is executed digitally driving the daily shop-floor activities.

Core benefits of using Production Monitoring System:

Advanced Document Management : Easily create and manage key PPAP Documents right from ballooning of engineering drawings to Control Plans and FMEAs.

Online Inspection & Production Visibility : Digitize and co-ordinate your critical tasks on your shop-floor and monitor operational metrics & production status in real time

Instant Alerts & Notifications : Get notified thru SMS or e-mail for major events in your factory like idle time pockets, variations in product or process and more

Configurable Machine Interlock : Based on rules defined by you, and driven by the Control Plan, prevent rejections by interlocking the machines proactively

Online Process Control Chart : Online SPC to monitor and proactively escalate issues preventing rejections

OEE & Advanced Analytics : Monitor and maximize OEE with real time insights at plant, cell or machine level.

Online Process Monitoring : Monitor key process parameters in real time, based on Control Plans, and interlock and escalate  on any deviations

Cross Machine Compatibility : Compatible with ALL machines and processes from Stamping to Welding, Die Casting to Forging, Spring Coiling to Forming, CNC Machining to Molding and more.