Smart APQP/NPD Solutions

Challenges in New Product Development
  • Compliance risks and problems
  • Wasted time and resources
  • Mismatched Process flows, FMEAs, and control plans
  • Slowed production to do manual interaction
  • Extra time spent attempting to correct flow changes
  • Missed opportunities in continual improvement and early detection
  • Difficulty meeting or exceeding customer expectations and desires
  • Product Data is on high risk on hard copy or local system storage
Solution to overcome Challenges
  • Smart APQP Software Easy to Prepare FMEA,Control Plan, Process Flow Charts in Minutes.
  • Make a Change in one Document and it changes Related Documents Automatically.
  • It is easy to examines potential failures in products or processes.
  • It may be used to evaluate risk management priorities for mitigating known threat –
  • Smart APQP helps select remedial actions that reduce cumulative impacts of life- cycle
    consequences(risks) from a systems failure (fault).
  • Recognize and evaluate the potential failure of a product/process and its effect.
  • Identify actions which could eliminate or reduce the occurrence, or improve detectability.
  • Document the process and track changes to process-incorporated to avoid potential failures.
  • Gives reminders and mail alerts to the users for pending and incomplete actions.
  • Maintains revision history with supporting document.
  • To-Do and Follow up task lists for every user according to role and responsibility.
  • A comprehensive APQP system that can save 10 to 20% of Quality-cost.
  • View your documents real-time from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Maintain only one database for the entire enterprise.
  • Standardizes your APQP processes and documentation in all of your plants to allow for consistent processes and accurate process/product analysis.
  • Smart APQP module administrator can provide individual or group user rights as read only or Edit
    Access for each document , a group of documents , or to all documents.