SFS Smart Advance Product Quality Planning Software (APQP)

Globalization, steadily increasing model differentiation, new vehicle and production concepts and shorter production runs per model are the key features dominating today’s automobile market.
To be a leader in the automotive manufacturing industry, expenses need to be trimmed and costs must be reduced effectively – and these are decisive measures in a market characterized by intense global competition and high levels of segmentation.

SFS Smart APQP solution enables companies to manage the complexities of planning, control, and monitoring of the APQP project. Smart APQP enables your team to create PFD, DFMEA, PFMEA and Control Plan and other documentation as per the latest IATF-16949 standards enabling them to meet the AIAG/IATF 16949 requirements and ensuring continuous improvement.
The goal of SFS Smart APQP is to have effective communication with everyone and ensure that all required steps are completed on time.

Benefits of SFS Smart APQP

  • Single source of PPAP/APQP data
  • Monitor progress with less follow up
  • Easily find information in the context
  • Achieve process compliance and transparency
  • Use correct formats and ensure completeness of the information
  • Project and process dashboard
  • To-Do and Follow up task lists for every user
  • Easily access and learn from past projects documentation
  • Always access current documents and standards.
SFS Advanced Product Quality Planning – PFD, DFMEA, PFMEA and Control Plan creation and documentation as per the latest IATF-16949 standards.
  • Low-Cost Pre-configured Cloud-based APQP Solution.
  • Pre-configured Standard APQP Plan based on AIAG guidelines.
  • Easily extend customer-specific plans based on the standard plan.
  • Pre-configured Approval process.
  • Role-Based, Deliverables Based.
  • Search part based on multiple fields.
  • Pre-configured formats for PFD, DFMEA, PFMEA, Control Plan, SOP, Inspection Plan.
  • Access Control allows secured access to data.
  • Role-Based, Location Based, Customer BasedGet Right Data, at Right Time, at Right Place.
By implementing a single end to end streamlined APQP project management solution you will be able to join other leaders who have achieved:
  • Reductions in costs and organizational simplification.
  • Harmonized and standardized APQP processes throughout the entire product development.
  • Sequence production for the most efficient use of resources.
  • A comprehensive APQP system that can save 10 to 20 % of Quality-cost.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning is the foundation of having a structured method to define and establish the necessary steps to meet all customer requirements.
  • APQP covers all the prevention aspects from design to product manufacturing.
  • APQP considers all predictive and incidental changes.
  • Not using APQP for change management leads to an unsatisfied customer.
  • APQP steps mitigate the risks with product changes.
  • Customer requirements pertaining to technical and special characteristics are well understood and documented from design to product manufacturing, utilizing standard processes and checklists.
  • Objectives and goals are set by establishing a CFT, Cross-Functional Team, across all departments.

Importance of APQP for the customer

  • Higher quality products delivered to the customer.
  • Timing is significantly reduced for the new product launch.
  • Effective communication between customer and supplier improves the PPAP process.
  • Establishes confidence in the supplier base to deliver the product on time and at a competitive price.

Importance of APQP for the supplier

  • Enhances customer satisfaction to launch a product on time.
  • Meets the customer-specific requirements (CSR).
  • APQP enforces a structured, standardized, and well-documented system.
  • Meets the regulatory (IATF:16949 2016) requirements, and is one of the five core tools (APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MSA, SPC). APQP connects all stakeholders with effective communications.
  • Effective APQP improves profit margins! APQP is not limited to Automotive, as all industries can improve their design and process development.

Roadblocks to APQP

  • No commitment nor oversight of the process by management.
  • Don’t understand the requirements.
  • No dedicated resources.
  • No targets for timing and defined KPIs.
  • Priorities are not set.
  • Lack of discipline and accountability.