Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Smart Production Monitoring System

Internet of Things in Manufacturing

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Internet of Things in Manufacturing

As an Industry 4.0 solution provider, we offer not only machine monitoring through concepts of IoT, but also provides a full-fledged Factory Management System to attend your daily chores at the factoryshopfloor in a much simpler manner which helps the people to connect, communicate & collaborate.

Through this system, you can also aim to go PAPERLESS at your shopfloor apart from deriving seamless flow of notifications & alerts to people making them aware of what, when, how the task needs to be done.

A production monitoring system is a process that is designed to record the overall performance of the production line in real time. … The data that is collected by the monitoring system is used in improving the efficiency of the production line.

In a nutshell, the flow of information divides this into 4 parts –

  • In this stage most of your documents transformed into soft-copy by utilizing file management, like process Flow Diagram, FMEA, PPAP, Control Plan, Work Instruction, Checksheets etc.
  • It utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity.
  • It increases production per machine through smart predictive planning.
  • For repetitively planned items, Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning restrict the planning process to advise rates of production within the planning time rails that vary from the current repetitive schedules.
  • In execution, the planned activities are carried out on the shop floor making the processes/operations from Control Plan being executed electronically to achieve the maximum production optimization and quality.
  • It automates the data capturing mechanism on the shop-floor right from inwarding of material till dispatch.
  • It increases visibility and transparency in every aspect of your manufacturing operation.
  • In this stage, all activities carried out in shop-floor can be monitored by installing simple hardware inside the machine and you’ll be instantly getting the live information in your dashboards, systems, and mobiles.
  • Get notified thru SMS or Email for major events in your factory like idle time pockets, variations in product or process and more.
  • Online SPC to monitor and proactively escalate issues preventing rejections.
  • Monitor and maximize OEE with real-time insights at the plant, cell or machine level.
  • Monitor key Process Parameters in real-time, based on Control Plans, and interlock and escalate on any deviations
  • You can immediately respond to breakdowns, rejections and failure activities.
  • It increases production traceability and reduced production errors.
  • In this section, by referring digital reports like Availability, Productivity, Quality, OEE, Operator,Performance, Production, Machine Activity, Capacity Utilization, and OEE trend user can easily drill down the root causes of failures.
  • It is possible to analyze in detail information regarding the resources involved in the production process, like machines/departments/work centers, operators/cost, centers/work orders/sales orders/material, etc, based on company structure.

Features and functionalities of Smart Factory Solution:

  • Live View of Shop-floor
  • Task Manager
  • Secure access as per the roles and responsibilities
  • Tool Setup Option
  • Digital Work Instruction by ballooning drawing
  • First-off Inspection Approval
  • Operator Dashboard
  • Escalation Matrix- System Alarms for accounting losses
  • Shift hand-over notes
  • Advance documentation in a centralized platform
  • Live dashboard
  • Live Machine Performance
  • OEE trend
  • Availability trend
  • Productivity trend
  • Quality trend
  • Live Production Report
  • Live losses for downtime
  • Live Productivity Report
  • Operator Performance Report
  • Overall OEE

Benefits of Smart Factory Solution

  • Improve productivity, transparency and capacity utilization.
  • The transparency of the system allows you to acutely understand issues by getting real- time information.
  • Production increases by making better decisions driven by data, enabling better, real- time communication between management and the shop floor.
  • Real-time production level notifications
  • Live feedback of employee/operator performance.
  • Eliminates manual data input.
  • Improve on-time delivery.

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